Photos from "Macarthur Sings"

Come and see a sample of some of the images taken from our recent event “Macarthur Sings”. Overall it was an excellent event, we had the privilege of performing for the Macarthur Region, with not just ourselves BUT with both the “C4” Choir and the “Sweet Tonic” Singers.

  • Working as a Team

    Working as a Team

    We work not only as a group, but as part of a larger community with other groups from the south

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  • An Excellent Rehearsal

    An Excellent Rehearsal

    Practice, practice, practice, that\'s the key to our success. We practice extensively so that we can reward you with the best performance possible!

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  • A Community

    A Community

    Look at the dedication and experience of our team, you can see the level of excitement they have to be practising

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  • Us in Action

    Us in Action

    A quick image taken during the last practice performance during the day

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